Don’t burn it down…

When you decide to jump ship…

So you’ve decided to quit. Maybe for more money, work-life balance, family, career change, etc. but your next step shows who you are a person to your old employer and yourself. I get it, don’t think if someone offered me seven figures and a basket of puppies that I wouldn’t fly to wherever they needed me.

Give your two weeks, even if you know they may let you go right away. Don’t sit in your seat with a very big secret. Your company will also find out where you went to, even before LinkedIn, people talked. Do not give them something to talk about.

Don’t be a dick about it. Whomever you report to will respect you more if you’re straight up and honest. (If your company ends up countering, that’s a win-win!) Just tell them that you received an offer and you think it would be a great opportunity, yeah they may try to talk you out of it, but listen politely and still submit your two weeks.

If you don’t have two weeks. Still, talk to the person you report to but also explain you want to give them two weeks as is custom but that’s not an option for this opportunity. (If moving is involved you may need to cut your time shorter than expected)

DO NOT become a YouTube sensation with balls to the walls, you all suck meltdown. This will not work out for you. Remember how I said people talk? If you are staying in the same industry, there is a very good chance you are 3 degrees away from your new boss without even knowing it. Isn’t that how LinkedIn got so successful in the first place?

DO NOT wipe your laptop and walk out. Could you be more suspicious? Also if you think most companies still can’t retrieve some of that data after a “free downloadable” wiping service…. sorry where was I, I was laughing too hard.

Lastly, you never know where you will end up in the future. You may end up at a company that does business with your ex-company, you may hate your new job and wish to come back (The grass isn’t always greener), or even you may need a reference in the future.

Don’t set the bridge on fire.


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Snooze & Caffiene

I could not turn off my brain last night and now have to run the day on possibly four hours of sleep. I was still aware of the time at 2 am, but know that I woke up a few times after that.

I have a lot on my mind, and living with anxiety doesn’t make it any easier. I hide a lot of what I deal with from my coworkers because I’m still trying to move my way up the ladder and break some glass ceilings. The messed up part is I get called upon for extras. Special teams, initiatives, new hire and customer onboarding, yet I can’t get promoted to save my life. Although that sounds pretentious in a way I work really hard, I know my company inside and out but at some point being “valued” isn’t good enough. “Show me the money!” I’ve had some subpar interviews I’m not lying to myself here, I was off my game, better luck next time. But there have been some rock solid ones, ones that I inquired with the hiring manager as to, why not me? Some of the answers “We had really great candidates” or “This person is already doing this job so we chose them” and I end up asking “What could I have done better?” [enter the sound of crickets]. Is some of this really luck?

It’s all about who you know right? That seems like backward thinking to me, sure it may get you in the room for the interview but that’s it. We’ve made leaps and bounds to stop unethical hiring which… YEAY! Anyone from my parents’ generation doesn’t get it. “Hard work” doesn’t get you as far as it used to. Bread costs more, and I don’t think I’ll ever own a house. I went back to graduate school to catch the edge on my resume and learn about business more in depth, something I actually lacked in my daily Fortune 500 life. More loans, more debt, I’m lucky enough that my company will help pay for it, it’s not all and they will take years to give some money. (Payment structures are the worst) So, for now, I have a ton of interest and no life trying to balance work full-time and school at night and on weekends. I need the world to stop spinning.

Wondering if the local hospital would put me in a coma for a few days to get some rest, is probably not a normal thought. That’s where I’m at, though. I have taken on so much recently I feel like I’m suffocating, and I’m not even being paid extra for all the extra projects. I feel used. At what point does my entire body break?

And to top it off, I’ve been sick for five days now.

Check out “Stop Breathe & Think: Meditate”

Today was a bad morning. It’s cold and rainy and I don’t feel well. I started to debate with myself about calling in sick and staying under blankets. Instead, I decided to be mindful. I downloaded this app a few weeks ago and have used it a few times but not regularly. It’s mostly free which I like and it’s more mindfulness than traditional meditation.

Why is it different? When you open the app it asks how you are feeling today. You can choose a range of emotions up to five and from different categories.

You have to choose the following for mentally AND physically

  • Great
  • Good
  • Meh
  • Poor
  • Rough

And then it breaks it down further.

After you choose your emotions there will be options to choose from. Options usually range from 5-20 minutes and you can do more than one. There is also a self-meditation timer if you wish for an alternate route.

I find some of their voices very soothing, but the shorter ones are very useful to me, I can throw in an earbud as I’m sitting at my desk and get five minutes of peace. It’s helpful for me to regroup, we have so many technostress  (which is a conversation for another day) that our bodies need to stop for a moment.