I couldn’t find the original post, so I took a screen shot. I’m exhausted today but it was a good day.


Check out “Stop Breathe & Think: Meditate”


Today was a bad morning. It’s cold and rainy and I don’t feel well. I started to debate with myself about calling in sick and staying under blankets. Instead, I decided to be mindful. I downloaded this app a few weeks ago and have used it a few times but not regularly. It’s mostly free which I like and it’s more mindfulness than traditional meditation.

Why is it different? When you open the app it asks how you are feeling today. You can choose a range of emotions up to five and from different categories.

You have to choose the following for mentally AND physically

  • Great
  • Good
  • Meh
  • Poor
  • Rough

And then it breaks it down further.

After you choose your emotions there will be options to choose from. Options usually range from 5-20 minutes and you can do more than one. There is also a self-meditation timer if you wish for an alternate route.

I find some of their voices very soothing, but the shorter ones are very useful to me, I can throw in an earbud as I’m sitting at my desk and get five minutes of peace. It’s helpful for me to regroup, we have so many technostress  (which is a conversation for another day) that our bodies need to stop for a moment.