Growing up in the Rust Belt has it’s privileges, cheap apartments, comfort food, and more than enough blue collar jobs to help you start your life. Despite the negative connotations the Rust Belt gets, being calling “dying” from major sources, I hope to encourage visitors to drive through tiny towns, visits the cities, eat the food and see the area for what it really is.

The Rust Belt was home to some famous names, if it’s good enough for them shouldn’t it be good enough to see the turn around it deserves? (See first posts – Famous people from the major Rust Belt Cities)


This is the section where you either love me or hate me. Millennial? Yeap. Lives in the Rust Belt? Born, Raised, and stayed. Likes to eat? Yeap. Believes in innovation? Yeap. Believes in historic preservation? Mmmm, depends, and this is where you may tap out.

There are movements within the Rust Belt to preserve ALL OF IT. This I have to disagree with. Did something historical happen there, or is it just a pretty old building? Is saving it cost effective? Will it just remain empty or is there a plan for the space? Can items of value be salvaged and used for new, ie: stained glass, hardwood, and other eclectic pieces?