I assume you start with an about me post, that’s what blogs are for?

I’m a Fortune 500 female millennial who deals with daily anxiety. (The millennial part is debatable, I was born at the end of the Gen X cutoff)

I deal with past trauma and everyday life in a large office full of cubicles and conference rooms. Typical days for me are stressful, not because of what is really going on but my anxiety cannot be turned off.

I sometimes hide behind my career. On paper and in the workplace, I have it together… when I don’t have it together it hits me like a bus and everything feels like it’s falling apart.

Thank you for following. I’ll do my best to share experiences, links, items I find useful and probably some madness along the way. This may be spotty at first until I get my feet wet, serious blogging isn’t in my repertoire, yet!